Modi Industries Limited (“MIL”) is a Public Limited Company which came into existence in the year 1932, having its registered office situated at P.O. Modi Nagar, Uttar Pradesh 201204. Under the stewardship of Rai Bahadur Seth Gujar Mal Modi initially a Sugar Mill (namely Modi Sugar Mills Limited) was put in Modinagar in the year 1933 and subsequently the name of Modi Sugar Mills was changed to Modi Industries Limited. Further, under his leadership various units were also established within the MIL namely Modi Torch and Lantern, Modi Soap, Modi Paint & Varnish, Modi Vanaspati, Modi Gas, Modi Arc Electrodes Unit, Modi Steel and Modi Distillery. Due to heavy losses the units, namely Modi Torch and Lantern, Modi Soap, Modi Paint & Varnish, Modi Vanaspati, Modi Gas have been closed permanently.

In the year 2020, the Board of Directors has appointed Shri Umesh Kumar Modi as Chairman and Managing Director of the Company. Since the assumption of complete management of MIL by Shri Umesh Kumar Modi there has been improvement in the performance of the Company. The closed Modi Arc Electrode Co. has been restarted with substantial capital layout and expansion of the Distillery Unit is also in progress. The financial performance of the Company after taking over the complete management by Shri Umesh Kumar Modi is improving year by year.


Awarded by Govt. of India “Padma Bhushan”
Late Sh. Rai Bahadur Gujar Mal Modi
(1902-1976 )


Late Sh. Rai Bahadur Gujar Mal Modi, in 1932, laid the foundation of the business with a sugar plant at Begumbad in Uttar Pradesh. While this hamlet may have served as a gateway to his many ambitions, his generous sense of commitment to society at large conjured up visions of sprawling townships,schools, hospitals, shopping arcades, playgrounds, places of worship andspiritual growth as well as other social amenities.

Today, every dream of his is a reality. A reality which has become the epitome of corporate success. Rai Bahadur Gujar Mal Modi welcomed enterprises from all quarters, encouraging key members of the group to generate new ideas and forge strategic alliances, backed by technology and growth.


ABOUT THE CHAIRMAN and Managing Director


Awarded by Ministry of Industries “Man of The Year” in 1984


Mr. Umesh K. Modi, the Company Chairman & Managing Director, President CEO of the Modi Industries Limited. It was in the early 80’s of the 20th century that Mr. Umesh Modi Group ventured into collaborations and joint ventures with some of the best known companies and brands that Europe and America had to offer. Mr. Modi is a Chemical Engineer from Banaras Hindu University having graduated top of his class and awarded a gold medal.

He has also held the prestigious Chairmanship of various organisations such as the Steel Furnace Association of India, Western U.P. Sugar Mills Association, Steel Wire Manufacturers Association of India, Sponge Iron Association of India as well as the Presidentship of the Institute of Economic Studies. Besides, he is heading a number of corporations set up with foreign collaborators.


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